An important component of your digital marketing is being able to measure, analyze and follow up. A well-thought-out SEO strategy makes it possible to optimize the texts with the most important keywords and overtake the competitors in the search results. Even if you have a great website in Webflow, you need to know how to get the most out of your website.
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Everything gathered in one place with SE Ranking

There is a lot to keep track of in SEO and conversion optimization. Most often, you can switch between programs and interfaces to analyze various parameters such as load time, link building and keyword frequency. SE Ranking helps to give you a clear and easy-to-understand overview. All statistics are collected on a dashboard with graphs, bars and lists in a neat and educational way. When you can see and compare different results, it is also easier to draw new conclusions. Via the settings, you can choose to see results over time and in different intervals.

Discover a powerful SEO tool

With SE Ranking you can crawl over 1000 pages in just a couple of minutes. When the results are presented, you also get a variety of suggestions on how to make improvements. It's a great way to see how the website is performing over time. It is also possible to set specific parameters to analyze, based on an XML Sitemap. The work becomes more systematic and you don't risk missing critical errors and seemingly minor factors that can reduce the website's value in the long term. Feel free to share with your colleagues and use the report as a basis for the status meeting.

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The right keywords are the key to your Webflow website's success

SE Ranking's task is to find new keywords and analyze existing SEO content. You can find out the following from a keyword report:

● The degree of difficulty of the ranking - a so-called 'difficulty score'

● Search volume - number of searches on the keyword per month

● The cost of an ad click - that is, PPC

It is possible to do comprehensive keyword analyzes with the SEO tool and then work from the lists. It makes visible what you should spend energy on next. Plus, you don't have to waste time visiting your competitors' websites to see what keywords they might have used. Here you get the information in black and white, with clear statistics on their most successful keywords.

Take the temp on the website with SE Ranking

Another aspect that affects the website's ranking is the website's general status. You have the opportunity to do a health check up using SE Ranking. The analysis first and foremost shows the page's general health score, which can be anything between 0-100. The results show on-page SEO improvements such as corrections to meta titles and meta descriptions. In addition, you can find out if the pages have the right structure and content. Some examples:

● Unoptimized headlines and alt tags

● Incorrect certificates and security protocols

● Resource intensive scripts

● Too few internal links

● Many error codes

● Too large images

Don't forget to measure off-page SEO in the tool

It is important to focus on Off page SEO to improve website ranking. Among other things, SE Ranking gives you a clear indication of whether there are many inlinks to your page, which is good for domain strength.

Streamline your SEO strategy

The list can be made long, but once you define what you are looking for, just enter the desired website to search in SE Ranking and sit back with a cup of coffee. The report is displayed after the scan is completed and you can also receive a steaming fresh weekly report to your inbox. It's nice to automate away parts of the working day and then be able to prioritize correctly. Visitors will hopefully appreciate that the page is easier to navigate, faster to load and clearer thanks to the SE Ranking tool's improvement suggestions.

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Try it for free at the link below. Change US to SV to take part in the Swedish database.