Digital commerce is growing in popularity. Start creating the right conditions already today to sell your products or services online. An important part is finding a CMS system that is easy to work in and helps achieve your business goals. Webflow is a reliable tool for all e-merchants.

Easy to run e-commerce with Webflow

It is easy to run e-commerce with Webflow. The operation takes place via a SaaS platform and you don't have to think about downloading and installing anything, because everything happens in the cloud. If you use Webflow, you don't need to be good at code. You can instead put energy into creating a user-friendly and visually attractive website that has all the necessary functions. When e-commerce is streamlined, there are almost no limits to what you can do.

Give the products the attention they deserve

To market your products successfully, they need to be presented neatly and clearly. Both text and visual elements must create a strong buying interest. With Webflow, you can easily create a design that highlights the product's benefits and other important information. Movable elements are an exciting feature that makes the online shop stand out from the competition. It can be about a cool parallax effect, sideways animations, or movements activated by the mouse pointer. Everything is possible in Webflow!

We at LAPS created a professional website for Malin's nice jewelry company Diving Angel by combining personal and beautiful images with a stylish design. The graphic is accompanied by copy that further strengthens the brand. The moving elements on the website Diving Angel consist of, among other things, an overlay effect on the CTA buttons and images that become moving when you move the mouse pointer over them. It contributes to a wonderful dynamic. The photos are matched with elements with an organic layout. We have chosen to use a harmonious color palette with matching colours. The style also applies throughout the entire checkout process so that the customer recognizes himself. It was fun to realize Malin's visions - and most important of all, she was super satisfied with the result.

Product pages in Webflow

Every product deserves a good description and in Webflow there are several features that make it easy to highlight valuable information. It is important to post good product images to give as fair a description as possible and reduce returns.

Product recommendations increase conversion

The visitors to your webshop want tailored suggestions when they click around on the various products. The easiest way to create a user-friendly webshop is to present similar products under the product you have currently clicked on. This is also a smart way to increase the total order value. Large e-commerce companies use powerful algorithms that provide accurate suggestions to the visitor.

Don't fall on the finish line, think about the checkout process!

How many people do not abandon their shopping cart if it is too complicated to order? The best thing you can do is to minimize the number of steps required to complete the order. An example is that the user does not have to fill in so much information and click in various boxes, or to provide important information early during the checkout process. Integrate different payment options using Webflow so that the customer can feel secure that everything is going right.

Create stylish confirmation emails with Webflow that are sent out to the customer after the purchase is completed - both order confirmation and delivery status. Thanks to a smart design function, you can get a uniform, visual design that reflects the branding.

Webflow and digital marketing go hand in hand

If you want to run a promotion, it is recommended to create a specific landing page that can be published in conjunction with running seasonal discounts - everything from Black Friday to mid-day sales. All this can be arranged in Webflow. Here are additional examples of things you can do:

● Generate leads via a newsletter form

● Integrate your social media

● Integrate analytics tools such as Google Analytics

● Using pop-ups and discount coupons

The Diving Angel webshop got an associated blog, which is a way of creating commitment and interest in the company. The blog can also be used to drive traffic to the webshop. Read more about how you can work with SEO in Webflow here.

Webflow makes it possible to take a comprehensive approach to your e-commerce and at the same time you can put more energy into your core business. Don't hesitate to contact LAPS if you also want a nice webshop in Webflow.