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Creativity is a common thread in everything LAPS does and we keep abreast of the latest in SEO and digital technologies. At the same time, we can Webflow in our sleep. Digital marketing in B2B at its best.

LAPS makes it easy to succeed

Do you run a B2B business and want help to sharpen your message and boost business? Today, it is more important than ever to be visible online, to the right customers. We guide you step by step in your journey towards successful digital marketing.

LAPs is a web agency based in Malmö with the whole world as a digital workplace. We help you develop converting and welcoming websites. No task is big or small - get a tailor-made solution that suits you. The team includes dedicated project managers, strategists and web developers with many years of experience.LAPS has a sharp technology mindset, without losing its feel for design and layout. A combination of function and form creates positive synergies and gives the brand a boost.

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Development of an existing website using Webflow or TYPO3 CMS.

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Converting and SEO-optimized content for texts, images and video formats.

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Tailor-made publishing and marketing in digital channels for maximum results.

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We believe in aesthetics and functionality in symbiosis.
Technology is supposed to open up creative possibilities.


Realize your ideas with us!

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Our team

The world is increasingly demanding quick-footed solutions - LAPS is getting ready in the starting pits when you want to invest in digital marketing. Our team members work with the best CMS and SEO tools on the market.

To help, we have Webflow for web development and React Native for apps. Technical skills are not enough. It's creativity that gives us the fuel to keep going.

Our cooperation does not end at a finished site.
If you wish, we are on hand for ongoing maintenance and can support if needed.


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