LAPS - your external marketing department

Are you looking for a web agency that can take your B2B marketing to new levels? We offer an external marketing department that can support you in case of unexpected work peaks or start marketing from scratch.

An external marketing department keeps costs down

In the start-up phase, there is a lot to think about. You need to set aside a budget for everything from graphic design, conversion optimization and web development to marketing communications and SEO.

It can be costly to have the entire marketing department inhouse. That's where LAPS comes into play! You only pay for the specific market efforts and we give tips on digital strategies that fit right now.

LAPS is the web agency with flexible solutions

During busy periods, colleagues may need both one or two extra hands. When things calm down, maybe not as many people will be needed in the team. If you have an external marketing department attached to the company, you can make sure to scale up or down quickly. Hire LAPS hourly, per project, or full-time for a specific period of time. Get help with point efforts or an overall strategy. We mainly invest in: Linkedin Campaign Manager and Google Adwords.

With advertising, the company can gain broad exposure but at the same time target specific audiences to generate engagement and strengthen the brand.

Make time for what you want to do

Everyone can write, but not everyone loves to engage in written communication. Researching blog posts and content takes time. In addition, the texts should be SEO-optimized, targeted to the right audiences and published in appropriate channels. With the help of an external marketing department, you can entrust these tasks to a professional, who additionally follows up and evaluates the results on a regular basis.

Access sharp expertise with a digital marketer

When you enlist the help of an external marketing department, the benefits are many. Above all, you don't have to keep abreast of the latest digital trends. In addition, we have a large network of digital marketers that we can collaborate with if necessary. The most important thing for us is your results.

We are experts in effective web tools

We at LAPS have an eye on web tools such as TYPO3 and Webflow CMS for web development of websites and their maintenance. In order to accelerate your digital marketing, you need the following:

* SEO tools like SeranKing are ALWAYS included in our deliveries at no extra cost.
* Access to Google Analytics to analyze traffic and visitor flows.
* Access to Google Search Console to investigate error codes and broken links.
* Tools for easy to understand overview of your digital results.

Thanks to LAPS' technical know-how, you don't have to get bogged down in different programs and software services. You also do not need to acquire all the necessary licenses and subscriptions. Instead, you can sit back and leave the work to us.

Do you want to think outside or inside the box? We'll solve it! LAPS offers the latest expertise combined with experience and drive.

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