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Increase your visibility with a professional website. LAPS offers customized web development, a sharp SEO mindset and strategic content marketing

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We at LAPS develop websites in Webflow
web design & web development

LAPS creates designs that stand out. We use Webflow to implement custom solutions to make your site stand out from the crowd with human-centred design principles.

We want to be your external marketing department
external marketing department

Need help with digital marketing? Perhaps the time is not enough, or someone is needed who can look at the business from the outside and come up with new ideas. LAPS is your support on the road!

We help you achieve results with smart advertising

LAPS marketing focuses primarily on B2B and therefore our focus is on LinkedIn and Google Ads. Digital Advertising Can Build Results-Giving Ads With Excellent Precision


Development & Advertising



Skånebeslag and Skånebeslag Snickeri is at the forefront of its industry as a manufacturer and distributor of building products with sustainable quality in focus. With over 40 years of experience, they have established themselves as a reputable brand offering builders, contractors, architects and interior designers a unique range of high-quality products guaranteed to last for years to come. LAPS is very proud to have built a long-term relationship with continuous improvements on their digital platforms.

Development & Advertising



Driftklart is a technical consulting firm that offers expert knowledge and extensive, practical experience in project implementation for large-scale projects in construction, energy, and various activities. Their services cover industrial operations, engineering, risk analysis, and infrastructure maintenance. In short, a vast amount of expertise is available without a burdensome organisation's involvement. LAPS is proud to be an important player in Driftklart's organization, where we have the confidence to act as an internal marketing department.

Development & Advertising

Compliq IT

Compliq IT

Innovative B2B web design: LAPS transforms Compliq's website with Webflow At LAPS, we have recently been working on the renewal of Compliq's website, where we have focused on creating an improved user experience and implementing the latest technologies in web development and web design. Using our expertise and the agile development approach from Webflow, we have created a website that surpasses the competition in functionality and ease of use.


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