From start to finish with Driftklart

Driftklart is a technical consulting firm that offers expert knowledge and has extensive, practical experience in project implementation regarding large-scale projects in construction, energy and various activities. Their range of services covers industrial operations, engineering, risk analysis, and infrastructure maintenance. In short, there is a vast amount of expertise available without the involvement of a burdensome organisation.

When starting up a large-scale project involving many parts, it is often difficult to find a good team that can offer technical knowledge and practical experience in specific areas. It is virtually impossible to have access to a large team of experts in-house while they are all employed full-time. One possibility is to enlist the help of consultants, but finding someone with overall knowledge of project management is not an easy task.

LAPS is Driftklart's internal marketing department

Laps is Driftklart's marketing partner. Our role is to be a creative team working in-house to offer tailored marketing and advertising services. We believe that the key to building a successful brand is to convey an experience that clearly shows who they are and what they stand for. It's our job to build on that insight and turn it into an actionable solution that the end customer finds meaningful and useful.

We immerse ourselves in the customer's corporate culture to set long-term marketing goals with a common vision -- we hook arm to be able to achieve success through good synergies and collaborations. In our opinion, strong collaborations are even stronger if we trust each other.Trust is the key that binds us together with our customers. All this allows us to fully understand the customer's needs, allowing us to offer strategic and laser precision solutions.

What we do at our partner Driftklart

We are working closely with the Driftklart for the Marketing Plan to be successfully completed, with the following aspects:

  • We achieve our strategic goals
  • We plan future goals and projects
  • We share detailed reports and updates on ongoing projects
  • We discuss the next stage of planning
  • We update the website regularly to keep on our toes about the increasing needs
  • We look forward by keeping the website in line with corporate goals and vision.

Our work process is more than just creative suggestions and exciting content. You are offered a wide range of services that strengthen the future and further ambitions of customers to be leaders in the market.

Our creative services

Our creative process begins as soon as we get a feel for the customer's brand and have planned the marketing strategy to the smallest detail. Laps works closely with Driftklar to create a unified impression and layout of all marketing materials. We want to show that Driftklar are true professionals in line with their brand and vision.


Version 2 of Ready to Operate Website 2019
Version 3 of Ready to Operate Website 2023

A website is more than just an information page for the company. The website allows the company to convey its brand identity, vision and core values.

Since Driftklart an impressive and extensive range of services, it is of course of paramount importance that Driftklarts foreign customers. It is therefore imperative that the content of the website is aimed at a wider market. Laps creates all content on Driftklart's website, both in Swedish, English, Spanish and French. It is of paramount importance to provide several language options so as not to limit oneself only to Swedish companies. The ability to choose English as a language opens up potential business opportunities in the international market. In addition, with Webflow as a platform, Driftclearly has the performance to load quickly in the global market.

In addition, Laps makes use of technical strategies to track and measure website data. Google has created an algorithm that ranks websites based on fresh content. One of our services is to update Driftklar's website regularly with relevant and up-to-date content to ensure a high ranking. We also optimize the technical performance of the site to increase efficiency and speed, which also positively affects Google rankings.

Uniform marketing and sales material

It is important that all our customers have a distinctive look on all marketing and sales materials. By establishing a brand identity at the beginning of the process, we determine what style all creative elements should have in the future. This applies to the logo, web page, advertisements, brochures, flyers and even business cards that are distributed to potential customers.

Driftklart's marketing and sales materials are an extension of the website because they provide more detailed information, yet share the same look and feel. This red thread highlights all the work put into creating a brand identity that fits the company's values. Driftklart has successfully created a brand using carefully selected materials that embody success and leadership.

B2B advertising for Driftklart

Advertising ads are an important element of any effective marketing campaign. Any company looking to expand their business knows the importance of investing in strategic and sharp ads. In the internet-based era, digital marketing lets you ride the wave of the future.

Laps creates audience-friendly and engaging Google and LinkedIn ads for Driftready that highlight their brand in a creative way. Ad space serves as prime real estate in digital marketing, and it's important to ensure that these investments create benefits for the company -- in other words, spending needs to be turned into profit. Our work does not end after we create the creative ads; it also means that we follow up on their results and offer a detailed report that includes conversion rate, bounce rate, etc.

Laps actively works to truly get to know customers so that we can transform their knowledge into meaningful and engaging content and materials that align with the brand. We pride ourselves on providing services that create value for the company and we have a passion for being part of the journey towards shaping a strong identity through the right marketing. We are delighted that Driftklar has chosen to rely on our expertise and we hope to achieve the same success with other customers.