Skånebeslag & Skånebeslag carpentry

Skånebeslag is at the forefront of its industry as a manufacturer and distributor of building products with sustainable quality in focus. With over 40 years of experience, they have established themselves as a reputable brand offering builders, contractors, architects and interior designers a unique range of high-quality products guaranteed to last for years to come.

Skåne's primary focus on being a leader in the local market has led to them being the first choice of many Swedish property owners. In order to take a market-leading position, a company needs to invest entirely in great products, first-class customer service and consistent and dedicated brand building -- all of which Skånebeslag stands for. We at Laps ensure that the message is communicated clearly and effectively to their customers.

Management and Development

We work very closely with Skånebeslag to create a coherent and comprehensive marketing campaign based on strategic planning and market analysis. By sharing the same mindset as the customer, we make sure to form a partnership where we can immerse ourselves in the company culture, giving us a new and unique perspective on their organization.

The close cooperation between LAPS and Skånebeslag is done exclusively with the aim of achieving increased brand capital and a market leading position. Lap's goal is to give customers a strong head start and to help them build a brand that conveys their core values of technical knowledge, sustainable products and first-class service.

Management and continuous development

One of LAPS' specialty is the management of customized web pages. These include everything from building a company's website from scratch, optimizing speed and performance, updating the site to make content current and relevant, troubleshooting technical issues, tracking and analyzing the web page's overreach, to identifying key areas for improvement.

Skånebeslag has given us the confidence to let us handle the maintenance of the website. Our cooperation means, among other things, that LAPS has been helpful with:

  • Updates to the site to add new and fresh content to boost rankings on Google
  • Overall technical maintenance of the site
  • Technical Support
  • Improve page layout, design and structure to increase usability and efficiency through continuous measurement
  • Provide up-to-date and relevant information on various metrics (KPIs) with insights on conversion rate, bounce rate, etc.

Joint journey towards success

The strength of Skånes website is that there has been good cooperation and good synergies between us and the customer. We believe in the importance of developing and maintaining a good relationship with our customers. It is a necessary and decisive factor in achieving joint success regardless of the challenge. It is incredibly important to be professional, competent and creative regardless of the project. You can be sure that LAPS takes on all missions with great commitment.