Are you curious about the Webflow tool or have you already discovered its power? In 2023, Webflow will shift into a higher gear and launch a host of new features. The focus remains on smoother collaboration between designers, developers and content specialists and a clean design process. In addition, it will be easier to get help in their growing community. Read more in our recap of the latest Webflow conference in San Francisco.

Design your website easier

Webflow is constantly working to improve its user-friendliness so that it is even faster to build professional websites. 'Symbols' will be renamed to 'Components' so you can navigate the tool more easily. This will also make it easier to add new ones and thus scale up the business. How about these improvements:

  • The ability to reuse the same element on multiple landing pages.
  • The ability to remove some elements and some of its features in more specific places.
  • The ability for the entire team to edit the content directly in the editor.

As icing on the cake, 'Designer' is now getting several new features that make it even more fun to create web pages. 'Variable fonts' allow you to easily select a font and give it new properties to get exactly the look you want. You can also add animations or hover effects.

Better workflows with Webflow

Developers will find it easier to work in Webflow. The new preview called 'Devlink' is a powerful tool that allows you to transfer Webflow's modules to your React projects.
Webflow has also made a major update to the CMS database so that it can handle a significantly larger amount of data than before. It allows you to use and save significantly more content on the site. It is possible to expand the content to 10,000 up to 100,000 elements - and, in addition, different types of media. At the same time, Webflow does not compromise on performance.
Are you thinking about gaining more market share abroad? Webflow has made it easier to work with content that also needs to be translated and transcribed into other languages. The language on the current page can be located, changed and edited directly in Designer and tailored to each country and target audience. It also means that you can change the design and images. If you already have an external translation workflow with different translators, it will soon integrate seamlessly with Webflow via an API.
In addition, if you need help from an agency or freelancer, there are new types of guest log in to Webflow that allow you to easily limit their permissions or extend them, as needed. When you decide who sees what, it provides increased control and privacy.

More help and support
Need more inspiration and help? New elements and designs to improve the site will now be available on the Webflow Marketplace. It is a marketplace for all the products and services you need. Everything from support to inspiration from Webflow experts and web designers who recently created a webpage with Webflow. The idea is that you will be able to create a new website faster with the support of this knowledge bank. You will also be able to benefit from the following:
'Libraries' is a collection page for layouts to use as templates for your web page.
'Apps' is a new tool that can be used to improve your workflows and collaborate on the project easier.
In the 'Webflow Experts Directory' you can find a sharp consultant or freelancer who will support you when needed.
Developers also have a better database of guides and applicable code, as well as the ability to ask for help from other colleagues in the industry.
In addition, you can find more, winning ways through Webflow Marketplace to promote your products or services. You can register a so-called 'Creator profile' to get more leads and make better business.
Can Webflow help your business?
Webflow has sailed up as a worthy replacement for WordPress and other web development tools. There is no doubt that the new improvements will contribute to a smoother use where everyone in the team can perform better. The new updates promote professional websites. Don't hesitate to contact LAPS - we can Webflow!