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LAPS knows that time is money. Many companies have a tight schedule and it is difficult to find the time to create a website that represents the company's vision and values in a good way. The digital market has many tools that are both versatile and flexible for creating websites with varied designs, as well as a plethora of providers offering similar services. The choice is therefore not easy for you as an entrepreneur or marketer.

Webflow is a platform and the leading tool for the #nocode trend for web design, visual development, ecommerce, and CMS that tops the list of many website recommendations. It is one of the most exciting and advanced tools to help companies design and develop web pages in a visual way.

Why do we recommend you to use Webflow? Here are some of the technical aspects you can consider when creating a web page.

To design and develop a website, you need to learn how to code and create a product. Coding is a skill that can be difficult for beginners and takes a long time to learn. At the moment, there has been a hype formed around the nocode movement that is difficult to realize because code is the basis of the digital. With Webflow you don't have to worry about the design and you get help with the coding.

Webflow Visual Programming

Get value for money with Webflow.

Some companies have different tools for different steps in the creation of the web page, such as one for design, another for prototyping and another for coding. For example, older and more frequently used tools like WordPress can be used for sites where you need to know or hire someone who can develop and maintain the platform and infrastructure behind it. Webflow is a package solution that allows you to design yourself and does the majority of the coding work for you, helping you develop the website at the same time as you design. By using a centralized tool to create your website, you can cut development costs and realize your vision.

How does Webflow make this a reality? We would like to highlight these features a little extra:

The Designer

The design feature transforms your design into actual programming languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript that are ready to be used in the platform or export.


The CMS works similarly to The Designer but with an on-site element that allows you to manage content such as blog posts, news or product pages. You can write, add, update and edit content in the CMS system which is based on a customized database structure completely according to your wishes. When you create your content in the CMS, you can use the Designer to visualize how the content might look on the web page in a structured and simple way.


With Webflow's eCommerce, you can turn any project into a fully usable eCommerce website that pairs with payment options from Stripe so you can sell your services and products online.

Top class hosting platform

This feature of Webflow is the core of Webflow's infrastructure and necessary to be able to use the system. It offers in-line editor which means you can edit directly on the page, CMS database, forms, built-in responsive images and free SSL/HTTPS certificates. The solution is in AWS Amazon Web Services which accounts for 33% of all internet services, where other world-leading services such as Netflix, Coinbase, Reddit from its performance.

At the touch of a button, you can view the final product in four different sizes (desktop, laptop, iPad, mobile phone) before publishing it, leaving less to the imagination and wild guesses. That's great, isn't it? The feature helps you find out if the design fits your brand and gives your team members and stakeholders the chance to provide feedback. Webflow can therefore facilitate the work of optimizing the product until you are completely satisfied.

Webflow is an innovative product in the industry — a user interface for the future that offers businesses a user-friendly yet sophisticated experience when it comes to visually designing, building and publishing web pages. Contact us today for help with a web design tool that makes all the difference.

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