As part of the promotion of Driftklar and their services, LAPS created an exciting video project. The result was an esteemed film that caused the number of followers on LinkedIn to almost double. Read on to find out more about how we built Driftklar's moving image brand.

Pablo realized early on that a video was a great way to convey what Driftklar is as a company. They had grown considerably in a short time and many were curious about the employees and the company as a whole. The owners had an exciting vision, but still their ideas needed to be communicated further out into the organization.

The idea was put forward already at the turn of the year in the winter of 2021. After a pitch and anchoring at Driftklar, LAPS was commissioned to create a video. Pablo is a firm believer in the video format and got his eye for filmmaking during a media course at Malmö University. Moving image evokes emotions in a short time and a great way to convey experiences, says Pablo. The medium of film felt like a natural choice, as he also dabbled in photography.

The next step in the process was to put together a strong team of director, scriptwriters, and sound and light managers. The screenwriter wrote a script based on Pablo's suggestion. The proposals in turn were based on a moodboard with elements of colours, sounds and scenes approved by Driftklar. The music was hand-picked for the project.

“A video project with me should be more than a film, it should engage everyone throughout the process”

Pablo took on the role of project manager and producer and the various experts were in charge of their parts of the project. Several employees took part in the filming and got to act as actors, which they did with panache. Many found the task exciting, but it was also nerve-wracking. You don't know how to react when the camera is on and the light is on,” Pablo says. The acting employees were given only minimal advance information about the various scenes so as not to suffer from nervousness. Instead, they were given instructions on the fly and as much as possible rigged in advance - with successful result.

After completing the filming and publication of the video, my work as a strategist and marketer continued, says Pablo. It is important to measure and follow up the results. The advantage is that you can optimize the views for the desired audience, time, age and professional title. A project with me is more than just a movie. For example, I took photos during the shoot that can be used as marketing material for the website and social media. At the moment I am working on a shorter film snippet that can be used in other marketing channels.

Have you received any feedback from employees and customers?

Many people find it funny about a company like Driftclear that they dare to stick their chin out by promoting themselves with this type of video. Driftclearly has been very pleased with the result and the engagement it creates, especially on LinkedIn.

Are there any funny bloopers or anecdotes to share?

Filming went smoothly, but when one of the actors who was supposed to be involved cancelled at short notice, there was panic. Instead, I managed to get my neighbor to appear in one of the scenes. It was also exciting to visit the different filming locations that you normally cannot access.

What results can be seen after three months?

We have until today's date 24,005 views that have been generated both organically and through advertising on Youtube. Considering how the video summarizes DriftClear and the narrow industry in which they operate, these are very good results.

In conclusion, it feels clear that LAPS can continue to use filmmaking as an important part of its marketing. In addition, we managed to bring in several employees and make sure to maximize the benefit of the film. This is probably not the last time you will see Driftklar's reflective vests in moving format.

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DriftAB | Production of corporate video 2021 - YouTube

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Welcome to Driftklar - We are looking for employees - YouTube

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