Build mobile apps for iOS and Android from a common platform.

Today's digital trend is based on the fact that our online purchases are made more and more frequently through mobile apps. Statistics from ZenithMedia show that approximately 75% of all internet traffic comes from a mobile device. Strategic marketers point to the importance of the company laying out a strategy where you achieve visibility when customers use apps.

The question is -why is it worth investing in mobile apps? How can your company profit from it?

The B2B industry increasingly understands that mobile apps are an asset to the business.When the company uses an app, they can get a direct and personalized channel tocustomers. More accessible customer service and support increases customer engagement. Mobile apps offer your customers a smarter way to window shop or shop. In the long run, revenue increases and you can compete with high visibility in the industry.

Today's mobile apps are increasing in number. In 2017, mobile users downloaded 197 billion mobile apps from the App Store or Google Play. It is therefore important to create a sharp and well-functioning platform for mobile apps. Bet on creating a high-quality and competitive app that stands out among the competition. If you are unsure or lacking knowledge, we at LAPS can help you with this. We are confident in using React Native for our mobile solutions.

ReactNative is an open-source mobile application framework that makes it easier for web developers to create mobile applications with the support of proven knowledge withinJavaScript. The framework was developed by Facebook and is used by many popular apps, not least by Facebook itself, as well as Instagram and Skype. React Native offers faster mobile development and smooth code that can be used across platforms — Android, iOS, and the web — without sacrificing user experience or app quality.

ReactNative makes it possible to develop mobile apps that are flexible, built into the phone and can be used without an internet connection or browser. The app integrates with the device's features and creates the same user-friendly design that the user can enjoy regardless of whether on iOS or Android. The great advantage of using React Native is that you can create a native app that is compatible with both iOS and Android. It is also the reason why AttLaps works with the tool. We believe this is a clear advantage and allows you to offer your services to both Android and iOS users, as well as maximize your visibility in customers' mobiles. This advantage can also streamline processes, saving users time and money.